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If you want your logo or graphics to be seen a tv or monitor is a great solution. Use digital displays to convey critial information to your patrons and attendies. Digital signage is a great way to show precise information in real time.

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Choose from a wide array of digital monitors to display your content, all setup with confidence by Halogen.

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If you have information that needs to be conveyed to your patrons, setup a high resolution digital display.

Our tv's and monitors can be loaded with content and schedules to guide your attendies throughout the event.

Halogen ensures flow of information remains consistant throughout the event with digital signage solutions.

TV rental & digital signage setup in your area.

Our production network Saves you money.

Because of our expansive production network, many event services can be consolidated on one bill. This saves you money and time and ultimately frees you to focus on more important things.

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