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A solid scenic piece carries people's eyes and captivates attention, use beauty to draw in the minds of your audience and lures them into the show. Scenic goes hand in hand with stage design, and designing a creative stage that utilizes all of the event systems to their full potential. Scenic includes motion graphics, digital screens, projection mapping, lighting, banners & signage.

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Our scenic professionals will create works of art that captivate your audience.

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Scenic pieces create landmarks that draw in the congregation and create depth within the event.

We build sets, stages and scenic for theatre; conferences, corporate events & more.

Add depth to your event with creative scenic services.

Event scenic design in your area.

Our production network Saves you money.

Because of our expansive production network, many event services can be consolidated on one bill. This saves you money and time and ultimately frees you to focus on more important things.

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