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A sound system is a neccessity for your event. You want the ideas conveyed to be heard loud and clear, otherwise the event would have been for nothing. That's why we offer sound systems from high quality manufacterers; QSC, L-Acoustics, Meyers, and more. As well as rental we also offer setup and engineering, for before during, and after the event.

Sound system setup, rental & operation in

Your Area

Amazing sound engineers are ready to make your event sound incredible.

Audio Services

Crystal clear sound is absolutely important to your event.

We acomplish high audio fidelity through rigging complete audio systems from start to finish..

Every link of the chain is secured with reliable hardware that adds warm amplification to your sound. We only offer high quality speakers, amplifiers, cables, mixing boards and processing hardware to minimizeee signal degredation and maximize listinability.

Sound system setup, rental & operation in your area.

Our production network Saves you money.

Because of our expansive production network, many event services can be consolidated on one bill. This saves you money and time and ultimately frees you to focus on more important things.

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